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The Impact of Web Design

We can’t teach the kids not to judge the website of a company nowadays. The web design creates a great impact in a client’s perspective in your business regardless of your great content that you have in your webpage. It’s actually the trust and not just about attracting your clients.

A study shows that may people are mistrusting a company because of its design and not of its content.

Complexity of the layouts, popping up and flashing out of advertisements, having small fonts, a plain and boring design, and having slow speed in loading contents are those factors they have considered in mistrusting websites.

Outdated design creates a poor impression in the first glance

There are five elements that you would consider to help you ensure that you have a website design that is worth a trust to pull more business.

1. Plan Layout in a Strategic Manner.

By leading the user thru a story, using the site lay out to organizing and highlighting is a help. As to your main goal, you can show them the nature of your business or what it is all about by giving them idea on what to do next in your page by showing them a form to fill up or showing them your products or services that you offer.

2. Use White Space.

Having busy layouts will discourage visitors. Using white space is important for the better. The other name for white space is negative space and it does not need to be white in color but it has the absence of some elements. You can use the color as a background.
Having consistencies specially in spacing between the lines and words is included in key spatial relationships. You will attract more users if you put white space around the element.

3. Knowing about Typography.

You do not want to have an site overburdened with text so you have to be certain that your typography is attractive aside from being consistent and readable. The font size, the family size and the font style are also included in typography. Explore and play with the site’s web page as long as it is easy to read the typography chosen. You just have to keep in mind that visual distraction is caused by having many styles and sizes in the font.

4. Color of Choice

Changing of the people’s emotions can be caused by different colors and combination of colors. Dark blue, for example, relays a message that you have a business that is professional, trustworthy and secure. The colors can help you attract more visitors to you website. Don’t be afraid to explore colors that are complementing your business logo.

5. Having Amazing Photos.
Web pages will be boring when there are no images in the site. You can actually combine the content with the images, icons and logos because readers are expecting it. Putting visually attracting photos will stun the readers and be amazed.

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